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Does AHEAD sell direct to customers?
No, Ahead Products Inc. and Big Bang Distribution DO NOT sell direct to consumers. We 100% support our dealers. Our website is powered by Kibo, and connects consumers and drummers to our authorized dealer network for ALL online purchases. For more information, click here.

How long is the AHEAD Drumstick warranty?
There is a 60 day limited warranty.

Do AHEAD Drumsticks break cymbals?
No, drummers do. They are better for your cymbals because the polyurethane covers act as a shock absorber. Breakage can occur when the cymbals are not correctly tipped or abused.

Are AHEAD Drumsticks made of carbon fiber?
No, they are 7075 Aerospace aluminum swaged tubes with a polyurethane cover.

Are AHEAD Drumsticks unbreakable?
No, but they can last up to 6 to 10 times longer then most similar sized wood models, when played the same.

If I break a pair of AHEAD Drumsticks under the 60 day warranty period, what do I do?
Go to our warranty page for details or contact us at (818) 727-1127.

Do AHEAD Drumsticks have similar technology as the successful Easton aluminum baseball bat?

Do AHEAD covers come in other colors?
Yes, black is the most common color, but there are many sizes that can have optional colors such as white, silver or wood-tone. Check out our full list of cover options.

What's the best way to maximize your AHEAD Drumstick life?
Change the covers when they show wear or cut-through.

How many years have AHEAD Drumsticks been on the market?
Over 20 years

Are AHEAD tips replaceable?
Yes and there are several options for most drumstick models. Check out our full list of tip options.

How does AHEAD Drumsticks promote healthy drumming?
­­You can get louder with less effort, they flex and have up to 1/2 the shock of wood drumsticks and they rebound up to 10% better than wood so you can play faster.

What is the best way to replace AHEAD covers?
Remove the tips before replacing the covers. It’s best to remove the tip by wrapping the tip with a business card and unscrew it with pliers (so they don’t get chewed up) as they are glued on at the factory. Preheat covers with blow dryer, or put in a toaster oven (not a microwave) to make pliable, or just cut off with a razor knife (be careful). When replacing the tips, screw them on 1/2 way and apply a drop of super glue to the threads and continue to tighten on the tip until it is snug against the cover. The covers are very important, so the tighter they are the better. Make sure they are snug against the blend ring by slamming the butt end of stick on carpet or a soft surface. The AHEAD replacement covers are designed to protect gear and sticks while providing ultimate performance. Cover life will vary from drummer to drummer, but they will last as long as or longer than traditional wood sticks. And unlike wood sticks, the AHEAD Drumsticks’ feel and flex will not diminish with prolonged play.

What AHEAD accessory should be purchased with every pair of AHEAD Drumsticks?
AHEAD grip tape, which come in black, white and red and are designed to last as long as the drumsticks do. Check out our full list of grip tape options.

Should AHEAD Drumsticks be played on the butt end?

Will chips or dents in the core shaft of my AHEAD Drumsticks reduce the drumsticks life?
Yes, this will dramatically shorten the drumsticks life. Adjust your cymbals to eliminate this problem.

Can AHEAD Drumsticks be recycled?

Are the LT, ST, MT, SST, M1S and M2S covers interchangeable with any AHEAD Drumsticks?
No, see each drumstick model for cover options.

Does AHEAD Drumsticks offer a selection of different replacement tips made from the same nylon used by other drumstick companies?
AHEAD uses top quality material that is designed to not shatter. Made from super high impact Zytel Nylon, Delrin or ST801 (for a wood like sound).

Do all AHEAD replacement tips have the same thread size?
No, there are 3 different thread sizes for all drumsticks models. See each tip model for thread size options.

Can an AHEAD tips be removed and replaced with a mallet head?
Yes, see each drumstick model for mallet head options.

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