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About Ahead DrumsticksIt all started with a pair of drumsticks...
Before it was one of the top companies in innovative drum products, AHEAD Products Inc. started with just a pair of drumsticks, Advanced High Efficiency Alloy Drumsticks. These drumsticks were developed by Rick Grossman, a drummer and engineer at the Easton Company, the world’s leading producer of aluminum arrows, baseball bats, and hockey sticks made from aerospace-grade aluminum. Because it was strong, durable, and consistent as well as lightweight, Easton aluminum had quickly become the natural choice to replace wood in the manufacturing of sporting goods. Grossman figured it might also make an excellent substitute for wooden drumsticks. With Easton’s support, Grossman designed drumsticks with a hi-tech aluminum core and handle, threaded nylon tips, and a replaceable sleeve made from injection-molded polyurethane.

In 1992, the Easton Company approached Bob Kasha, a Southern California multi-store retailer at the time, about developing the synthetic drumstick and putting it at the forefront of the drumstick market. After experimenting with the drumsticks and finally becoming a consultant for Easton, Kasha realized that they had a great potential and then launched Big Bang Distribution in 1992 to supply the drumsticks to drummers around the world. In 1994, Kasha sold his retail stores and decided to exclusively distribute direct to USA dealers and to other worldwide distributors. Later in 1997, Kasha purchased AHEAD Drumsticks from Easton. Since then, AHEAD has become one of the top drum companies and Big Bang Distribution has extended the AHEAD brand name into other areas, including cases, snare drums, practice pads, thrones, accessories and more.

Since 1992, our mission at AHEAD has been to listen to drummers and percussionists first and foremost and to develop and bring to market new and innovative products for all drummers, beginners to touring professionals.

From drumsticks and hardware, to cases and hearing protection, our focus is twofold. First, pursue innovative excellence in creating products that go beyond traditional design. Second, provide superior levels of excellence in customer service that reflects a belief that a satisfied customer is our greatest asset. Our products are engineered to last and excel beyond what competitors offer.

AHEAD will focus on marching sticks & mallets, practice pads and expanding the AHEAD Armor Case line. We will also be expanding into a completely new range of drum hardware and pedals.

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