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Steven Sweet

United States

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Steven Sweet (born "Steven Chamberlin" on October 29, 1965 in Wadsworth, Ohio) is a Los Angeles-based drummer who is most famous for being a member of American glam-metal band Warrant.

Before joining Warrant he was in the glam-metal band Plain Jane with Jani Lane. He currently lives with his wife Beth, a talented graduate of the Carnegie Mellon drama program and a musical artist in her own right. In addition to touring regularly with the band Warrant, Steven divides his time between studio session work, songwriting and portrait painting. He has a daughter who, though young, is already expressing her own musical and artistic talent. Steven also has his own business: painting portraits of beloved pets.

Steven grew up playing the drums and whatever instruments were available in the household. The second son in a family of three multi-talented boys, Steven showed artistic talent from an early age, creating illustrations, paintings and a gift for monster makeup. From an early age he displayed a precocious and uncanny ability to mimic the styles of his favorite drummers. Along with this ability came a remarkable vocal range. At age 15 he was pounding out the rhythms and belting out vocals for performance of the music of RUSH, Van Halen, ACDC and many others in bar bands with his brother, David (a studio owner and musical producer currently based out of the Los Angeles area.) Steven designed logos, album artwork and marketing materials while still in his teens, showing the personal style and flair of celebrity while he was still a relative unknown.

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