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Mike Hamilton

United States

Ahead 5ABS

Mike Hamilton's rock-solid, rapid fire drumming has formed the backbone of the sound of brutal Death Metal stalwarts Deeds Of Flesh for the past nine years. His intense fluid rhythms have proved the perfect anchor and counter-point for the band's ferocious and challenging riffs patterns and have decimated audiences in America, Canada, Australia, Europe and beyond.

The bay area native grew up in the cradle of the 1980's Trash Metal movement and quickly latched onto more extreme sounds and influences like Alex Marquez, Sean Reinert and Pete Sandoval as the Death Metal scene gained momentum in the early 90's. Hamilton cut his teeth as a founding member of Vile, laying a furious foundation for the band's 1999 debut full length Stench Of The Deceased before relocating to his current home in San Luis Obispo to join Deeds of Flesh in 2000. Since then, Hamilton has four full-length albums and countless hours with the band under his belt.

More recently, Hamilton has joined the ranks of fellow California Death Metal mainstays and Relapse Records recording artists Exhumed. He will be manning the drum throne for their exhaustive 2011 tour schedule with over 75 dates scheduled through the end of the year. The shows include massive festivals in France, Germany, Finland, Belgium and Texas as well as club and theater headlining dates all over the US, Canada, Europe & Mexico.

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