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“The first time I saw Ahead Drumsticks was when I took a closer look at Lars Ulrich’s gear, who was a childhood hero of mine. But I didn’t have a chance to get them in Hungary. So when I spent a month working in Denmark, the first thing I did after getting my paycheck was entering a music shop and grab a pair of Ahead sticks. It just looked and felt so cool in my hands, the balance of the 5A model, and the promise, that it lasts so much longer than wood, impressed me so much. I would never change back to wood. Never ever.

I am very happy and proud to represent Ahead sticks in Hungary. Back in the day I thought, these sticks are just for superstars in the USA. But an average drummer like me in an aspirant underground band can be credible with this brand also. Wherever we may roam, I’m spreading the words and getting the drummers round: heavy hitters of heavy music, Ahead is the way for us!”

Márton Sápi was born in a small Hungarian town called Jászberény. His parents were big fans of music, so after he showed some interest in hitting the pan with a spoon at the age of 4, they took him to the local music school. After 8 years of classical training, Márton realized, he would never want to be a triangle player for an orchestra: it was finally time to rock!

His private teacher showed him the ways of playing rock, funk, swing and the Latin rhythms, and broadened his musical perspective with introducing the style of Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and Vinnie Colaiuta. But Márton’s obsession with metal music was still strong. He started and played in some bands during his high school and university years, till he joined an ambitious Hungarian metal band called Magor.

Magor has released two albums, with the elements of melodic, thrash, and progressive metal, and now they are touring with one of the biggest names in the Hungarian rock scene, and of course playing at some of the famous festivals in Hungary.

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