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Jonne Smyth

United Kingdom


Ahead 5A

“I have wanted to use AHEAD Drumsticks ever since I discovered Metallica, once I got to use a pair I instantly fell in love with them, the feel and the durability of them is perfect for my style of playing…. Not to mention they look super cool!”

“The AHEAD Armor Cases are some of the best cases out there for protecting your equipment, I have used these cases many times on many different tours and they never failed me and always keep my drums secure and safe.”

“I first discovered AHEAD sticks whilst jammin’ in one of my very first bands, I was given a pair of Lars Ulrich custom sticks and fell in love with the design and feel. I would recommend these sticks to any drummer starting off or going pro. They really are great quality sticks!”

Jonno has been obsessed with playing drums ever since he was 12 years old, having been raised around the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin & AC/DC, the influences were very strong from a young age. Jonno has been involved within bands and the music industry since 13 years old and has had a passion for it ever since discovery.

Jonno has worked with a few bands in the business and has been lucky enough to gain experience working with producers such as Will Maya (The Answer) recording in Los Rosales residential studios in Madrid, Spain. He has also had the chance to tour with and support great acts such as Y&T, Status Quo, Phil Campbell and the bastard Sons, Bernie Madsen & Joe Satriani, performing in countries such as France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland & Portugal… not to mention nearly every city in the UK.

Jonno is currently the drummer in Black Tree Vultures, which is his original band that formed in early 2017. Their debut E.P “Sanity Isn’t Perfect” is available worldwide digitally in February 2018. Keep up to date with all of their news via their social media links.

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