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The year was 1989 and the young and mischievous Jason Handy had finished his training with Takanori Okami mastering hand-to-hand combat. On the 12-mile hike home, he pondered how much he would enjoy banging drums. At the dinner table that night, he asked his father for a drum set for his birthday.  Soon the sun would set over the winter morn when Jason did indeed receive a sparkling silver drum set.  It was the most beautiful thing he ever laid eyes on.  He couldn't wait to get them tuned and begin banging.

Three years later, Jason was playing on his drum set in his first band, The Gloss Mattes.  They played locally for a couple years until the guitarist was arrested for public intoxication and the band eventually broke off into multiple projects.  Jason felt a great love and appreciation for banging and stayed persistent in his search for like-minded musicians. After years of hard work, dedication and banging his drums on a regular basis for many different projects. His skills sharpened and every day he grew closer to discovering his true calling.

Jason, an all around artist, loved to create and show his creative license. Not only did he finding pleasure in banging everyday, he also maintained a strong presence in the music scene by inserting his graphic design services amongst his peers. His work was desired by many bands due to the size of his talent.  His artwork was noticed by the internationally-known pop star Becca Robinson. She enlisted Jason to lead in the design of her second and third nationally-released albums, "Turn away again", and the DADV Award-winning, "Becca's Back".‪  He had the opportunity to show his videography skills when a small-time producer named Wilfred Carlin commissioned Handy to direct his new television show, "When Politician's Attack".  The show was short-lived and Jason returned home to the small town of Des Moines, IA.  

‪After returning home, he was approached by a few friends from his high school cheer-leading squad that had formed a pop-punk band. They knew of Jason's banging talent and asked him to step in, filling in for their injured drummer.  Jason agreed to the favor and later became a permanent member of the band. In what he would consider "the worst day of his life", Jason was ousted from the band due to a disagreement over wearing pants on stage. Jason decided to give up banging for good.

One late night, after bar-close, Jason's life changed when he was kidnapped by a group of men in a van. He was being recruited to be the drummer of Dead Horse Trauma. Eight years later, he's still banging hard.

*Based on a theory of what could possibly be a true story... maybe. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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