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Frank Sanchez was born in Fresno, California in 1979. He grew up most of his life in an underprivileged neighborhood in South Fresno with his mother and younger siblings. He began playing the drums at the age of 4. As a toddler Frank in admiration watched his uncle play the drums out of his garage. He fell in love with music. Frank would go home and create mock drum sets out of old phone books and pencils in his room. One memorable Christmas Eve, at age 4, his mother managed to present him with his real first drum set and his obsession with the instrument catapulted. His dream as a little boy was to play professionally on a big stage. All Frank could obsess about was playing the drums; he’d pass the time away in his classes practicing by banging his pencils on his desk.

In high school, you could only find Frank in one place, The Band Room. He played the lead snare throughout high school, where he excelled.

At 17 he joined his first band where he played in local bands and clubs in the Central Valley. At age 24, he began his touring career with Chuy Chavez Jr Y Los Jardineros, regional Mexican, for 11 years. They have traveled throughout the United States and Mexico; as well as appeared on many popular local, national and international TV shows and radio stations. Frank has always believed that a musician should be competent in every genre. Overtime his popularity and demand for his diverse drumming ability, consistency, inā€studio and onstage, and originality quick grew in the Central Valley. Aside of drumming, he has also recorded and produced several albums for local artists, played the bass.

Frank is still currently touring with Chuy Chavez Jr, and is also the drummer for the up and coming band Fortino Reyna Y Destino. On his spare time during the week Frank still assists in the production of recording projects, local shows and teaching drum lessons to adults and children. Although there are many excellent drummers, Frank’s favorite drummers to watch, study and look up to are Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Van Halen, Alex Gonzales & Dave Grohl.

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