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AHEAD stands for Advanced High Efficiency Aluminum Drumsticks.

AHEAD Drumsticks were introduced in 1992 and developed by a drummer/engineer at Easton Sporting Company, makers of aluminum arrows, baseball bats, hockey sticks and more. With Easton’s state of the art research and development and their many years of success in replacing wood with aluminum, they were able to apply their technology to drumsticks.


AHEAD Drumsticks are made of an aerospace grade aluminum tubing where the upper half of the stick has a replaceable polyurethane cover and threaded tip. AHEAD was designed to out perform wood in almost every way. They have 50% less shock and can last up to 6 to 10 times longer then most similar sized wood models. The flex allows drummers to play fast with less effort because they rebound up to 10% better. AHEAD polyurethane covers are high impact, cut resistant and they act as a shock absorber that protects the aluminum shaft, drum hardware, and yes, even cymbals.

AHEAD Drumstick last 6 to 10 times longer than wood drumsticks and are the only drumsticks on the market with a 60-Day Warranty.

AHEAD Drumsticks are extremely versatile – when a drumstick shows wear and cut-through, the covers can be easily changed by unthreading the tip and removing the cover. Aside from several different thread sizes, AHEAD also offers a variety of different tip shapes that are interchangeable, made from a variety of different high impact plastics that range from soft to hard, breakable to unbreakable, as well as something in between.

We also offer the standard super bright sounding nylon 66 (a breakable, standard nylon that most manufacturers use) and several other unbreakable nylons. Unlike the standard nylon tips on wood drumsticks, you won’t have to throw the sticks out just because the tip broke.

TIP: If you do like the sound of wood, you can get close to it with the softer TIP model made from a super tough unbreakable nylon.

Also, any AHEAD Drumstick can be converted to a mallet just by replacing the tip with an AHEAD Mallet Head.

VRS (Vibration Reduction System) is built into AHEAD Drumsticks. The VRS reduces stick shock up to 50% more than wood. This translates into less wear on your joints and body fatigue associated with drumming. Since 1992, testimonials show that AHEAD Drumsticks are most possibly the healthiest drumsticks on the market. If you suffer from CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), arthritis or fatigue, you will appreciate the AHEAD Advantage. 

Play the AHEAD Drumsticks for 2 weeks, and then try comparing them to wood drumsticks? We promise you will feel the power, performance and notice the difference.

AHEAD Drumstick will NOT damage your cymbals and gear. One of the biggest misconceptions about AHEAD Drumsticks is that they break cymbals faster than wood. Sticks do not break cymbals, drummers do. With proper use and care*, AHEAD Drumsticks actually are better for your cymbals than wood can ever be. The high impact, cut resistant, shock absorbing polyurethane covers on the AHEAD Drumsticks protect the aluminum shaft of the drumstick and protect your hardware and cymbals. Unlike wood, there’s no transference of wood fiber or lacquer from the AHEAD Drumsticks that can be embedded into your cymbals. The embedded fibers and lacquer from wood drumsticks will cause your cymbals to loose their tone quality over time. They are almost impossible to remove without damaging the original quality of the cymbal.

AHEAD Drumsticks has and will never be proven to be any less than the best for your cymbals and your hands when used correctly. Just think, there is a reason why Tommy Lee’s cymbal breakage dropped annually by 75% when he started using AHEAD Drumsticks over 15 years ago.

*However, failure to change covers when they show cut-through can harm your cymbals and dramatically reduce your drumstick life. Correct tipping of your cymbals also helps reduce harm to your cymbals and drumsticks.

Only AHEAD Drumsticks are perfectly matched and have superior weight, balance, and sound performance. The advanced technology makes it possible to manufacture exactly the same drumsticks every time – with less than 1% variation, which does not compare to up to 20% with wood models.

AHEAD Drumsticks also has one of the most innovative selections of sticks and mallets for the marching drummer. Designed for speed and performance, they come in a white powder coating and have a sonically tuned quad corking system, which enables the stick to be fine-tuned and balanced for the ultimate feel and comfort.


AHEAD Drumsticks are designed for all styles of drumming by allowing you to increase your dynamic range while giving you more power with less effort.

Not just for Heavy Metal… AHEAD Drumsticks are played not only by some of today's biggest Rock artists in the world. We have quite a nice cross section of player's from Lars Ulrich, Phil Rudd, Jim Keltner, Mick Fleetwood, Tico Torres & Fab Moretti (The Strokes), to Trey Gray (Brooks & Dunn) and many more. They all have made the switch and AHEAD Drumsticks are a compliment to many forms and styles of today's music.

  • AHEAD Drumsticks are recyclable, just mail your broken sticks and covers to us and we’ll do the rest.
  • AHEAD Grip Tape was engineered to last for almost as long as the life of the stick. It will greatly enhance the grip, performance, and lets the drummer put less energy into holding the drumsticks and more energy into playing. From a fatigue standpoint, AHEAD Grip Tape is much better for drummers' hands and should be sold with every pair. We also recommend using AHEAD Grip Tape on all types of drumsticks. Comes in 3 colors: Black, White and Red.
  • AHEAD Covers come in multiple colors including black, silver, wood-tone, and white.
  • Unfortunately some electronic pads that have a hard backing may cause our drumsticks to fatigue faster then they would on a traditional acoustic drum set or mesh head. Our drumsticks are forced to absorb more shock and flex because electronic pads and cymbals are far less flexible and forgiving. For some, wood drumsticks may out last the AHEAD Drumsticks on electronic pads. However, because of the vibration reduction, AHEAD Drumsticks still absorb more of that shock. When using wood, the "Shock Factor" can cause long-term physical wear and tear on your body, which you will have to endure when playing some types of electronic pads.

Every drummer should have a variety of weapons in their bag, so…

“Make the Switch” – Feel the power and performance. Save a tree, save your hands, save your cymbals, save your money. “Protect yourself, protect your hardware.”

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