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Peligro has been a punk/ metal force since 1990. Fronted by legendary musician DH Peligro, Peligro has headlined the South American Archaic Tour menacing stages in Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Brazil. In Brazil Peligro also headlined the Porao do Rock festival and played live on Brazilian MTV. Their third album,“Sum of Our Surroundings” was voted Rock Album of the Year by the American Independent Music Awards. The single, “Purple Haze,” from their fourth album “Peligro del Muerte” was nominated for a Grammy.

Since 1978 DH Peligro has been a pioneer in the formative years of punk, and thrash metal and an integral part of the San Francisco and Los Angeles music scenes as the drummer of Dead Kennedys and former drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. DH has also beat the skins on a European tour with Nailbomb which featured members of Sepultura, Fudge Tunnel, Front Line Assembly and Neurosis. Nailbomb’s “Live at Dynamo” sold over 100,000 records in the first week of its release.

DH has been called the king of Afro Punk. His autobiography, Dreadnaught: King of Afro-Punk, chronicles his rise from the ghettos of St. Louis to stages around the world amidst a backdrop of some of the most defining periods of late twentieth century cultural, social and music history. He has also been nominated for star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

DH Peligro is a triple threat—a musician, author and actor. His acting credits include Sex Date, Tweaked and the soon to be released Dumped by Film Entity.

DH Peligro is unstoppable, a punk legend and a thrash-metal-punk rock genius. You may now witness the wrath of Peligro!

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