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After graduating PIT in Hollywood Danny cut his teeth on playing in the 90’s LA rock scene. First with the legendary LA rock band Shake The Faith (Warner Brunette). The band later changed it’s sound to classic punk and was signed to Sire/Hi Fi under the name No9. While Tommy Thayer went on to join Kiss and Dave Arragon became reality show star of Pimp My Ride, Danny had left No9 to form the alt rock band 3 Penny Needle (Nu Millenia/BMG) who’s album Brand New Worries was one of the first ever multi media cd’s produced. 3PN’s release of the album “Brand New Worries” went on to claim Apple’s title of “multimedia CD of the year” in ‘96. After the downfall of Nu Millenia records, Danny left 3PN and was hired on as drummer for Bang Tango where he played on the album “Latest Tricks” mixed by Bob Marlette (Cleopatra). While Bang tango was put on hold, Danny produced and played drums on “A Tribute To Journey” and “A Tribute To Styx” (both released on Cleopatra featuring various multiplatinum 80’s rock signers as well as the infamous Ralph Saenz from Steal Panther). He then helped form the band Beautiful Creatures (Warner Bros), who’s DJ Ashba went on to be in Guns And Roses and Sixx Am. After opening for Kiss on their Farewell tour, Danny left BC before the album was recorded and was replaced by drummer Glen Sobel (now with Alice Cooper). Danny’s next step was to try his hand at being a front man. Under the stage name “Odyssey” Danny soon found himself as the singer for the post NU Metal band Pinatta, formed by Meegs Rascon, after the break up of Coal Chamber. Continuing his front man roll as Odyssey, he formed the MySpace era group A2 with former Bang Tango, and short time Billy Idol, bassist Kyle Kyle and DJ Avi. Their first release, “Chosen One”, was featured on Sega’s “Shadow the Hedgehog” game soundtrack, which went on to became a YouTube anime video classic garnering millions of plays, on over a hundred fan created anime videos. A2 later changed its name to Mona Lisa Overdrive. While still working on music for MLO, Danny went back to drumming and played on cover of The EEL’s song “Fresh Blood” for Warner Artist “Nina”, and toured with the industrial band Dismantled (Metropolis) in 2016, who’s subsequent album (under a new name) is now on hold after shooting of their first video with Danny as drummer. While working on new material as producer, singer, and studio drummer/programmer for MLO, Danny is currently performing live as the drummer for Peavy artist “Alixcia”(independent), as well as doing studio work and teaching drums in LA and Las Vegas.

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